UK Visa: Do I Need a Visa for the UK?

Do I need a visa for the UK? Since Brexit, all French citizens and European Union (EU) nationals, who were once allowed to travel to the UK with their national identity card, have been wondering if they will need a visa to travel to the UK. Indeed, things have changed. Whether you are a citizen of France, the European Union or elsewhere, in this article we tell you if you need a visa to travel to the United Kingdom, as well as other important information to facilitate your visa application. 


Do I Need a Visa to go to England from France and Other EU Countries?


Since the United Kingdom left the European Union, free movement of people no longer applies - full border controls have been re-established to and from the United Kingdom - but nationals of European Union member countries remain exempt from visa requirements for visits of up to 6 months (family, tourist or, in specific and limited cases, for study or professional reasons). Nationals of European Union Member States who wish to work or live in the United Kingdom must apply for a visa

Please note: regardless of the length of your stay or the reason for your visit, a national identity card is no longer sufficient to enter the UK. You should therefore make sure you have a passport for your trip to England, even for a layover!

Are you planning to visit the UK? You do not need a visa for the UK from France or other European Union countries for a stay of less than 6 months, but do not forget to apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and take out travel insurance to cover repatriation costs and, depending on your situation, supplement national health insurance coverage in case of a medical emergency on-site. Discover our Schengen Plus insurance from Europ Assistance. Starting at 5 euros per person, this policy covers you for travel within the Schengen Area, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom!


Do I Need a Visa to go to England from Other Countries?

Yes, for nationals of these countries: 
- Afghanistan
- South Africa (7)
- Albania
- Algeria
- Angola
- Saudi Arabia (5)
- Armenia
- Azerbaïdjan
- Bahrain (5)
- Bangladesh
- Benin
- Bhutan
- Belarus
- Burma
- Bolivia
- Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Burkina Faso
- Burundi
- Cambodia
- Cameroon
- Cape Verde
- Central African Republic
- People's Republic of China (2)
- North Cyprus (3)
- Colombia
- Comoros
- Congo
- Democratic Republic of the Congo 
- North Korea
- Ivory Coast
- Cuba
- Djibouti
- Dominican Republic
- Egypt
- The United Arab Emirates (5)
- Ecuador
- Eritrea
- Eswatini (Swaziland)
- Ethiopia
- Fiji
- Gabon
- Gambia
- Georgia
- Ghana
- Guinea
- Guinea-Bissau
- Equatorial Guinea
- Guyana
- Haiti
- India (4)
- Indonesia (7)
- Iraq
- Iran
- Jamaica
- Jordan
- Kazakhstan
- Kenya
- Kyrgyzstan
- Kosovo
- Kuwait (5)
- Laos
- Lesotho
- Lebanon
- Liberia
- Libya
- Northern Macedonia
- Madagascar
- Malawi
- Mali
- Morocco
- Mauritania
- Moldova
- Mongolia
- Montenegro
- Mozambique
- Nepal
- Niger
- Nigeria
- Oman (5)
- Uganda
- Uzbekistan
- Pakistan
- Palestinian Territories
- Peru
- Philippines
- Qatar (5)
- Russia
- Rwanda
- El Salvador
- São Tomé and Príncipe
- Senegal
- Serbia
- Sierra Leone
- Somalia (3)
- Sudan
- South Sudan
- Sri Lanka
- Suriname
- Syria (8)
- Taiwan (6)
- Tadjikistan
- Tanzania
- Republic of Chad
- Thailand
- Togo
- Tunisia
- Turkmenistan
- Turkey (7)
- Ukraine
- Venezuela
- Vietnam (4) and (7)
- Yemen
- Zambia
- Zimbabwe

(2): Diplomatic passport holders do not need a visa. Service passport holders can transit without a visa. Public affairs passport holders cannot transit without a visa. Service and public affairs passport holders do not need a visa if they are traveling with a current Chinese government minister on an official visit to the UK.
(3): Passport not recognised by the British government - visa must be issued on a form for affixing a visa.
(4): Diplomatic or official passport holders can transit without a visa.
(5): Diplomatic and special passport holders do not need a visa for official visits, tourist visits or transit. Regular passport holders do not need a visa if they have a valid Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW).
(6): Passports that include a personal identification number on the biographical data page are exempt from the visa requirement.
(7): Diplomatic and passport holders do not need a visa for official visits, tourist visits or transit.
(8): US B1/B2 visa holders cannot use this document to transit through the UK.

 Applying for a UK Visa

Does your country appear on this list and you want to visit the United Kingdom for less than 6 months? You can apply for a Standard Visitor visa if you intend to:
- visit for tourism
- visit family or friends
- volunteer with a registered organisation for a maximum of 30 days
- transit to another country
- travel for business (see the list of authorised activities)
- participate in a school exchange program
- attend a (recreational) class for up to 30 days
- study, do an internship or take an exam
- speak as an academic, physician or dentist
- travel for medical reasons

 How Do I Apply for a Standard Visitor Visa? 

You can start the visa application process up to 3 months before your trip to the UK. But don't delay, because processing time is currently 7 weeks. 
Go to the British government website to fill out the visa application form. 
Once you fill out the form, you will be required to pay your visa application fee online. For a stay of up to 6 months, the fee is £100. 
Finally, you will need to make an appointment at the nearest authorised visa center to present your passport, provide your biometric data and, depending on your case, the documents indicated at the end of your online visa application. 
Finally, don't forget to take out a travel insurance policy. Insurance is not mandatory for your visa application, but it is highly recommended for all travelers to the UK to cover possible hospitalisation and/or emergency health expenses that may arise during your stay. Health care in the United Kingdom is expensive and you can protect yourself for as little as 5 euros per day with the Schengen Plus policy from Europ Assistance!


UK Visa - Summary

UK visa from France: not required for French nationals or nationals of European Union member countries, for a trip of up to 6 months. A visa is required if you wish to work or live in the country.

UK visa application: go to the British government website to start your visa application.

UK visa price: the Standard Visitor visa (6 months maximum), mandatory for citizens of a number of countries to visit the UK, costs £100. A Standard Visitor visa for medical reasons (up to 11 months) or study (up to 12 months) is £200. Finally, for regular travelers, the price of the long-term Standard Visitor visa varies depending on the duration: £376 for 2 years, £670 for 5 years and £837 for 10 years. Please note that the maximum stay is 6 months per trip. 

Visa UK processing time:  currently 7 weeks for a Standard Visitor visa. 

UK visa insurance: travel insurance is not required to travel to the UK or to obtain a Standard Visitor visa. However, it is highly recommended for any medical emergency in the country.